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  1. Lightning causes more than one billion dollars annually in structural damage to homes and business. 

  2. Lightning is not deterred by surge arresters, suppressors and "whole house" protection alone. When combined with a structural lightning rod system and grounding system they can prove to be a valuable and effective means of protecting internal equipment. 

  3. Lightning rods (air terminals) do not attract lightning.

  4. Tall trees do not protect structures from lightning strikes. Lightning can side-flash from a tree and enter a home or business
    as it seeks a more conductive path to ground. 

  5. Lightning likes technology. With more and more tech savvy equipment, the losses from lightning strikes
    are increasing. Today's home and businesses have more electronic equipment than ever before. 

  6. A lightning rod on a chimney will not provide adequate protection. A single rod or single air
    terminal is not adequate to protect a structure against lightning. Improper installation
    can lead to serious and dangerous consequences for the homeowner. 

  7. Avoid using the telephone, standing near open
    windows or doorways, standing near metal piping, or watching or standing
    near a T.V.  Stay away from large metal objects such as plumbing sinks,
    tubs, radiators and stoves. 

  8. Avoid lakes, beaches, pools or open water during a storm 

  9. Do not seek shelter under a tree or ride a golf cart.

  10. Avoid areas where you will be the highest object. Drop to your knees, lean forward and crouch with your hands on your knees. 
    Do not lie down or place your hands on the ground. 

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