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About Us


Central Lightning Protection Inc. was established in 1986 to provide the best and most technologically up-to-date lightning protection systems available in the Orlando region. Our president, Kay Riggs, challenges the staff at Central Lightning Protection Inc. to maintain its knowledge of system design and installation by keeping tabs on any developments in the industry that we would want to share with our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.









The weather is more than just something to talk about over the water cooler to our expert technicians. They want to do something about it, and are eager to meet with clients to custom-design systems that will protect their lives and property, both residential and commercial.


Orlando and Central Florida are, after all, located in an area of the world that gets among the highest numbers of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes annually. Lightning protection is a major consideration in new construction or housing rehabilitation. Our expert team is on hand and willing to work with architects and building contractors to put together a protection system that can be installed as the building is being constructed.


We also can custom-design and install, for both residential and commercial customers, a secure lightning protection system involving cabling, grounding, and lighting rods. We provide thermal bonding, so that the metal systems that enter your home or office—power and telephone lines, water and gas pipes, ducts, and conduits—all have the same electrical potential. The equipment we use has all received UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and LPI (Lightning Protection Institute) approval. We would never install anything in your residential or commercial structure that we would not trust in our own.


Our lightning crew also is UL listed/LPI certified, so whether you are building new premises, or need to protect an established residential or commercial structure and the lives and property they hold, contact Central Lightning Protection Inc. to set up a free consultation.

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