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Commercial Lightning Protection 


Most Orlando residents and visitors know that it’s not smart to be out at the desk during a thunderstorm. And Central Florida is ground zero as one of earth’s most heavily-bombarded areas when it comes to cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. But what if you are inside? Are you safe from the storm? Be certain of the safety of your co-workers, yourself, and your commercial property with a custom designed and installed lightning protection system from Central Lightning Protection Inc.

The professionals at Central Lightning Protection Inc. are all UL listed/LPI certified, guaranteeing that you will receive the most experienced and knowledgeable help in the region.


Our team has helped during residential and commercial construction, to make sure new buildings come complete with the most technologically-advanced lightning protection systems on the market. They also are experienced in helping owners of existing residential and commercial properties to upgrade their protection against lightning, or to retrofit older buildings that lack this modern amenity.


Residential and commercial lightning protection is vital in the Orlando area, but the prices we quote at Central Lightning Protection Inc. won’t shock you.


This is particularly true when you consider the loss of life and property that a direct lightning strike could bring.


Make sure your residential and commercial properties are protected from the weather and can protect those valued lives within. Contact Central Lightning Protection Inc. for a free consultation today.



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